About Us

Our Goal

Our goal is simple yet profound: to ignite a passion for fishing among our youth. Through immersive experiences, we aim to foster a deep connection with nature and waterways, nurturing not only fishing skills but also an appreciation for environmental balance. Additionally, we are dedicated to providing scholarships to young bass fishing enthusiasts, empowering them to pursue higher education while honing their angling talents. Together, we cast a future where love for the sport and academic success intertwine seamlessly.

Our Story

Bobby Lane is passionate about his sport and loves to see our youth experience the wonderful sport of bass fishing! With a growing family Bobby realizes the importance of a proper education and with the right support group our youth’s opportunities will be endless! Bobby wanted to give back to the community that supported him in his journey to becoming a professional bass fishing angler. With these two important visions in mind Bobby started the Bobby Lane Cup. In 2010 Bobby Lane started his first tournament geared towards Jr. Anglers and High School anglers.